• Create filter to exclude In House supplier.
  • Create reference link between part and drawing (document control module).
  • Create config parameters for purchasing email address, flags for including "Document Control" and "Warehousing" modules.


  • Improve barcode image creation - store image for re-use.

0.0.08 - 0.0.11

  • Change the SOH process to integrate with the Warehousing System. Add stock level warnings, update design of Purchase Orders and refine the process for processing.

0.0.12 - 1.1.05

  • Revamp component to include revised front-end Current Stock list, Parts Listing and integrate Warehousing system into reporting of parts.

1.1.06 - 1.1.07

  • Enhance adhoc purchase orders to have multi line-items
  • Fix list of outstanding adhoc orders to show all orders outstanding
  • Flip inv received and paid yes/no flags


  • Add a preview icon to Purchase Orders and AdHoc POs listings

1.1.09 - 1.2.04

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Ability to raise POs in frontend and review POs in progress.