A simple component to manage work activity for clients and create an invoice for work performed.


Download (J3.9+)

Click on the above link to download the component, save to your local machine and then install using the Joomla! installation process. Once installed, goto Users/Usergroups to check to see if the new group "Clients" has been created and make any adjustments necessary to suit your setup. Updates will use the Joomla! update system.

Parameter Options

Base Parameters

The options available are reasonably simple. This component can be integrated to my simple Finance System if required. If it is installed and you wish to integrate, a finance category selection option will be available to choose.

Currency selection is limited to Australian Dollars at this stage, but there is an exchange rate field available to assist with other currencies.

The parent Usergroup is set to identify where the Clients Usergroup is situated under and then there is the Client Usergroup to be set. These will default to Registered and Clients on installation.

As part of this component, there is a user profile plugin with a couple of extra fields to add to the client user record. If you have your own profile extension installed, there may be some duplicate fields:

  • contact - business contact name
  • altphone - extra phone field
  • altemail - extra email field
  • abn - business registration reference (ABN/CRN/EBR)

If you have these field names already in your own extended profile plugin, you can update the Profile Prefix field to use your own.


Invoicing Parameters

Then there are fields to set all your business details so that these can be used on invoicing and emails. ABN/CRN/EBR details where applicable being your business registration reference applicable to your country. Business name, address and phone number will be added to the invoice header. A business logo image is also set in the header in the top left, if no image set, just the Site Name (as set in your Global Configuration) is used.

Payment and banking details are placed as a footer on the invoice to allow for easy direct payment. This system does not provide any payment API type interface for direct payments, clients pay through their own preferred mechanism.

Invoice due field provides a number of days to set when you would like your invoice to be paid by. This is included in the invoice when generated. Administrator ID allows you to set another user to be an administrator of the component which allows extra access to create records etc.

An invoice prefix allows you to customise your invoice numbering, so the first invoice you create will be prefixed with this reference - ie INV000001.


Mass Upgrades Parameters

These parameters make bulk charges across all clients easy. Rather than creating a timesheet entry for each client individually for performing a "routine" type activity, you can create a simple record for every client in the selected group to be charged the nominated duration (default 5 mins) at the nominated rate using the predefined activity text with a single click of a button.

Once all these parameters are set to the desired settings, there is a "Mass Upgrade" within the standard Joomla! button in the admin listing of timesheet records.


Permissions Parameters

These are standard Joomla! permissions to allow for specific usergroups to perform specific functions.




3.0.04 - 3.0.05

  • Make corrections for JED upload
  • Fix bugs for module included - displays work times performed
  • Add configurable invoice prefix for Johan


3.0.01 - 3.0.03

  • Refine configuration settings to be generic rather than specifically designed for me


0.0.01 - 3.0.00

  • Initial component build
  • Administration side improvements to managing records
  • incorporate invoicing - email pdf invoice to client
  • add pass-through costs or materials costs
  • Improve processing of paid invoices
  • Integrate invoicing with Basic Finance System if installed
  • Update deprecated code
  • Removed Save to New and Save to Copy buttons from Passthru entries because if finance system is installed, the copy will not generate the finance transaction.