A simple system to help manage attendance of members (or visitors) of your club/group/charity/office for the purpose of knowing who is onsite at any time.  Using the Google API to generate a QR Code that can be printed onto name tag for the scanning and recording the attendance of the member signing in and signing out

After some consideration, I wanted to be able to read members name badges with their QR Code printed on them using a hand held QR Code reader. A bit of searching I decided upon the Eyoyo - Model: EY-006Y which was inexpensive. The bonus is that the support team can assist to program the reader (add 10 chars) for personalization. This allowed me to incorporate this personalization of extra characters into the configuration of the component. The attendance record can have a comment added highlighting the fact that the attendance was registered with the Office reader rather than one of the many smart phone apps that are out there.

Download (J3.9) or (J4)

Click on the above link to download the component, save to your local machine and then install using the Joomla! installation process. Once installed, goto the components listing and set the parameters to suit your needs. Updates will use the Joomla! update system.

Parameter Options

The parameters are relatively simple and are displayed below.


Simple parameters QR Size and QR Encoding are used by the Google API and the Mobile View set to Yes will show a basic form with buttons to sign-in, sign-out or cancel. If Mobile View is No, then the complete website shows with headers and footers and menus etc - this is fine for use on a PC but when using a phone, the Yes is a better option here. The usergroup option allows to filter members listing only to those of a specific usergroup, left set to Public will show all enabled users.


This is the usual permissions parameter screen and if you are using a phone to scan QR and Sign-in without having the user logged in, then set public usergroup to be able to create.





  • Replicated Contact Tracing component and renamed
  • Refined fields of visitors and logic more in line with a plain ordinary Visitors signin book