A simple plugin to enhance the standard Joomla! profile with data elements specifically for Four Wheel Drive Clubs.



Click on the above link to download the plugin, save to your local machine and then install using the Joomla! installation process. This plugin is linked to the User Management System created by me also.  There are parameters from the component used in this plugin.

Latest Update: 7 February 2022


4.0.10 - 4.5.2

  • Significant changes to logic around working with User Management System


  • Add notification of changes to Membership Secretary role set in parameters

4.0.06 - 4.0.08

  • tweek logic in case the User Management System not installed


  • add editability of Working With Childrens details based on parameters in the User Management System

4.0.01 - 4.0.04

  • Minor bug fixes regarding membership type settings


  • Convert the old original to cater for Joomla! 4.0
  • Add audit trail process - linked to the User Management System