A simple finance system for clubs/community groups to manage their income & expenses and provide basic reports for meetings.  Reports include P&L, Cash Summary and Balance Sheet.  THIS IS NOT A FULL FINANCIAL SYSTEM.

Download (J3.9 and above in J3 series) (J4)

Click on the above link to download the full component, save to your local machine and then install using the Joomla! installation process.  Once installed, goto the components listing and edit the parameters to suit your needs.  Updates will use the Joomla! update system.

Parameter Options

The options available are reasonably straight forward.

Business details for inclusion on invoices generated.


Membership settings. Setting Single Membership will enable a single user record to have two members names (usually partner field added to the local profile) and when the two surnames are the same, they are merged on the invoice and listings. If the user records just have the two names in the "name" field - ie Bill and Betty Bloggs, then set Single Membership to No.

Profile suffix allows you to have your own local profile plugin identified by the characters added to the file name - ie "profilemyprof" has an suffix of "myprof".


Transaction settings include automatically having Expense records set as negative.  Log Actions will capture a simple audit record of the transaction or changes made.

The exchange rate allows you to set a single "extra" currency value.

PayPal, and Accounts Payable fields are a single entry option to have these include money outside the standard bank account you manage your finances with and is only used in reporting.  You can identify a specific category entry as Owner Drawdown.

Claim GST switches GST on or off - most clubs and community groups would have this off.  Safe files are set so you can upload receipts to be stored on the website as pdf or jpg files generally.  Email Audit file provides a button to send an audit extract of records to designated email address.


Reports settings help to manage multiple bank accounts into one report.  So you can report all the accounts selected from the list.  Combine the Report will merge the actual entries into the one report if necessary.  Budgeting is just a simple option to set some budgets for the group.


Invoices can be generated and separated from other invoice documents with an offset number and a prefix if required. An option to have a header impage on the imvoice plus some general text to help clients with payments etc.


Permissions is the standard Joomla! core settings with a couple of special ones for the treasurer to action.




3.3.00 - 3.3.02

  • Tweeking dates to display nice format in listing
  • Restructure reports helper


3.2.04 - 3.2.05

  • Add thumbnail image of assets in listing


3.1.07 - 3.2.04

  • Various minor bug fixes


3.0.00 - 3.1.06

  • Add the ability to store receipts for payments



  • Incorporate invoices and allow for links to Timesheet Invoicing


1.3.67 - 1.3.73

  • Add owner drawdown option
  • Update reports to remove owner drawdown
  • Include extra configuration elements.



  • Implement Reports in Admin area