This is a simple component to help groups and clubs to manage decisions of their organisation through a voting mechanism.

Download (J5)

Click on the above link to download the component, save to your local machine and then install using the Joomla! installation process. Once installed, goto the components listing and set the parameters to suit your needs. Updates will use the Joomla! update system.

Note: if installing to Joomla! v4.4.3 or below, Guided Tours will not be installed. Due to changes in Guided Tours configuration from their early stages I've had to leave them out of the earlier J4 versions.

Create a motion record with all the details including:

  • Title of the motion
  • Complete explanation and content details of the motion
  • Set a usergroup that the motion is related to - this will mean that only users in that group will have an option to vote
  • Set an expiry date if this is relevant
  • If a seconder for the motion is necessary, set to yes for seconder required
  • If your motion is a simple Yes/No voting option, then nothing more is required.
  • If you require multiple options for voters to select from, then you will need to create a custom field with the relevant options set - this only works with Radio/List type custom fields.  Once custom field is set, then in the Extra Info tab of the motion, set the custom field to the one relating to this motion.

Configuration Options

  • You can set the content details of the motion to be displayed last or leave it to display first when viewing the motion in the frontend
  • You can also set a usergroup to act as scrutineers should this be necessary