A simple system to help manage online voting of committee members of your club/group/charity. Here is a link that may help your group with understanding obligations around AGMs and Voting.

Download (J3.9 and above)

Click on the above link to download the component, save to your local machine and then install using the Joomla! installation process. Once installed, goto the components listing and set the parameters to suit your needs. Updates will use the Joomla! update system.

Joomla 4 (beta4) version for testing. (J4)

Parameter Options

The parameters are relatively simple and are displayed below.


Here, the main settings are for the dates. When the date set is passed, then functions cease to work - ie after the Nominations Close date is passed, then there is no button available to add a new nomination record. Limited terms allows for a maximum number of years that the incumbent can hold a position and if set to yes, a further field is displayed to allow a number to be entered.


Member Restrictions tab enables control of who can what based on the specific user groups. Exclude Groups allows you to set specific user groups who should not appear on the members listing for nomination etc. Restrict Nominee Group allows for only users in a specific group can be nominated, similarly restricting nominators and again voting. Be sure to set the permissions in the permissions tab to correspond with these settings also.

The Bundle by Region triggers the restriction of users only being able to nominate/vote for users within their region set in their profile. Be warned that all users must have their region set for this function appropriately.


An option to allow Proxy voting means a member can vote on behalf of another member. If Proxy Voting is allowed, then you can set the desired type of voting that can occur. The settings will merely display different text based on the standard type of proxy voting.

Duplicate Votes means that just the one vote needs to be cast for both the proxy voter and the person doing the voting.

Auto Accept can be set to yes so that a member nominating themselves for a position will automatically be agreed so that no email notification is sent for the nominee to click the agreement link.

Display Unaccepted and Show Vote Count relate to displayed information in the listing view of nominees.

Extra Rules allows for specific club/group rules to be set and the Specific Rules are displayed on the Voting Form.  This was suggested by Gianni who was kind enough to translate this component into the Italian language.



Motions is a separate area for text relating to a specific motion that needs to be voted on by the members of the group/association. A simple colour to highlight the Not Agreed motions and an option to allow for non mandatory seconder for the motion. Also there is a new permission (see image below) to allow for raising a motion for the coming election. Motions can't be raised after the close of nominations though.



Multi Users section of parameters allows for a club/association situation where you have multiple user accounts linked into one membership (voting right) record. So once a member of the membership has voted no other member of that membership can vote.



The standard permissions options with an extra to allow nominating and voting.





1.3.00 - 1.4.02

  • enhancement to include provision of motion voting
  • addition of motion access to raise a motion
  • add validation so nominator can't second their own nomination
  • enhance for multi user accounts linked to one membership thus one vote (thanks for testing Bruce)


1.2.06 - 1.2.07

  • Bug fix on accepting nomination without having create access
  • tweek language translation to Italian (thanks again Gianni)


1.2.03 - 1.2.05

  • tweek language translation to Italian (thanks again Gianni)


  • add another parameter field for extra specific rules for a club/group (as suggested by Gianni)
  • language translation to Italian (thanks Gianni)


  • fix display of proxy voting when Proxy Voting not allowed (thanks Gianni)
  • change permissions so that Create is not necessary for nominations and voting (thanks Gianni)


  • Changed the switch Bundle By Region to be a switch for bundling users or not
  • Add new switch to toggle between standard Profile Region field or a Custom Field
  • Add Custom Field selector for the bundling



  • Add highlight of nominees not yet agreed
  • Add extra permission setting for nominating
  • Add extra controls in configuration for nominators, nominees and voters
  • Add current date/time so that different timezones see date settings
  • Changed query on user database to cater for larger user numbers - worked with 10,000 users
  • Default nominator as the logged in user unless administrator



  • Fix bug with displaying Voters List



  • Fix bug re duplicate column name on install


0.1.01 - 0.1.02

  • Refinement of language file for module name


0.0.03 - 0.1.00

  • Refinement of displays and actions available
  • Add parameter to hide vote count
  • Add parameter to display unaccepted nominations in list
  • Add parameter to allow automatic acceptance when member nominates themselves
  • Ignore email notification to nominee when auto accept switched on



  • Front end management of nominations and voting



  • Initial coding developed
  • admin side management - positions, election years and voters records